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Who's the funniest hero in League of Legends Polar Brawl?

2018-04-22 22:24:42

Brawl is a popular entertainment mode in the League of Legends, in Brawl we all will be heroes, so there is no psychological burden of choosing a location to choose a hero. Today, Xiaobian is going to talk to you about which heroes will be happy to play in Brawl.


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Mumu in the chaos is still relatively diverse, we can output under the premise of meat and our usual ranking or matching in the same, we can directly choose a small sunyan, so that we can cooperate with the aftershock to come forward to output, most of the lineup still can not play us, and Mumu's big move in the chaos is definitely a knockout. A big move to destroy the world yo ~


Second: the sea of time central frost guardian Kieran time is an unpopular hero, its positioning is auxiliary, but in the S8 arena some teams use him to hit the single is also very disgusting, time this hero in terms of output is not five words often high, but the output means are relatively single, only lose thunder.


In brawl, the enemy's attention can't be fully hit, so we can easily drop thunder on the enemy, and it's not too cool to recruit shield teammates.


The last one: Twilight star Spirit Zoe Zoe is a very strong single hero, its outbreak is very high, but after several weakens, it is difficult for us to see Zoe in the match or rank of Zoe's figure, but because Zoe's Yan Quan value is high, so that we will buy one to come over, not to play.


The enemy becomes Zoey's "living target" in Brawl, so that Zoey's Q skill hit rate is very high in Brawl, and Zoey itself is a difficult hero to kill, so that in Brawl we can play with opponents at will or directly kill them.