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What is gingival hyperplasia

2018-04-24 04:48:50

Gingival hyperplasia is a common oral disease that can cause severe pain and interfere with normal eating. Only by finding out the real cause can we prevent pulp hyperplasia and the service life of teeth. So what factors are related to gingival hyperplasia?


1, do not do a good job of oral hygiene: do not pay attention to oral hygiene will allow a large number of food residues in the gum line retention, after bacterial decomposition to form dental stones, over time white or brown black substances appear on the surface of the teeth, resulting in gum bleeding or red swelling hyperplasia. Slightly stimulated will not stop bleeding, this is inflammatory hyperplasia, as long as the timely removal of dirt, maintain oral hygiene can be alleviated.


2, the use of mouth breathing: patients with nasal diseases often breathe with the mouth, the mouth is in direct contact with the air, easy to cause gum hyperplasia. As long as the cure of nasal diseases, correct the bad habits of nasal breathing can be.


3, gingival tumor: gingival tumor caused by gingival hyperplasia irregular shape and surface is not smooth, hard texture, and even squeeze the teeth crooked. Only through surgical treatment, after treatment in strict accordance with the doctor's instructions to do regular review, so as not to cause recurrence.


4, affected by drugs: long-term use of anti-epileptic drugs will cause gum hyperplasia, although the inflammation is not obvious and the gum color is normal, but the hyperplasia is more obvious. The problem of gum growth will disappear automatically after stopping the medication. In addition, when the lack of vitamin c will also induce gum hyperplasia, you can eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits, but also oral or intramuscular injection of vitamin c, timely removal of local stimulation.


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6, occlusion relationship disorder: when there are teeth and deformed front teeth crowded or disordered will make the gums have been stimulated by food, resulting in gum hyperplasia. The scope of such gingival hyperplasia is limited, and it can be restored as long as the mouth is kept clean and the dental deformity is corrected in time.