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What breast enhancement method works well, everyone is using

2018-05-02 06:24:09

Many female celebrities in the entertainment industry have proud breasts, are they born so perfect, or do they have some tips for breast enhancement?


Exercise 1. Stand up straight with your legs together, straighten your waist, raise your head, lift your chest, and pull in your abdomen. In addition, lift your hips and put your hands on both sides of your legs. 2, slowly exhale, while the body weight down, in a semi-squatting position. When you do this, you will feel your tail extending downward. 3. Inhale, then slowly raise your hands to balance with the ground. Make sure your hands are shoulder width apart. 4, hip sitting on the leg, and then exhale, hands up, while the fingers close to the heart, spine as far as possible to extend up.


Food therapy papaya, papaya breast enhancement effect is the most prominent in all foods, which contains papaya alcohol has a good role in promoting chest development, is want to breast enhancement sisters papaya is the only choice. Soya beans, soya beans, green beans and black beans are famous breast enlargement health food, soya beans contain rich protein, lecithin and other substances. Soy and chicken wings with food for breast enhancement is very important.


Massage Danzhong point, located on the median sternal line, the middle of the two nipples. Massage technique: Press down with fingers and do circular massage. This point helps to enlarge breasts and smooth mammary glands. Massage technique: Press down with finger facing, and do circular massage, this point helps to strengthen the chest and smooth the breast. Milk root point, on both sides of the chest, the left and right distance between the 5th and 6th ribs are 250px outside. The Dabao point, near the underside of the armpit, is about 350px away from the underarm.


Yoga first, not sitting or standing, first put your hands together, put them in front of your chest and push each other slightly, open your elbows, let your hands be in a straight line, and let the outside of your chest feel hard. Remember! No hunching, no shrugging. Press your shoulders down and maintain normal deep inhalation and vomiting for 15 to 20 seconds. Secondly, the palm of the hand pulls up and the elbow moves inward. Then, the palms maintain each other to push, pull up and extend, and the elbow moves inward, so that the chest has a concentrated clamping feeling, remember not to shrug the shoulders, press the shoulders down, straighten the spine, maintain normal deep suction and deep vomiting, maintain 15 to 20 seconds.

Matters needing attention

It is especially emphasized here that the choice of breast enhancement products must choose safety and health, and must not choose those that are a few days large cup, rapid breast enhancement, and rapid enlargement.