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VIP "exhaust gas" excessive reasons

2018-04-23 01:36:52

If you have the experience of being smoked by the "exhaust gas" of your own VIP baby, or it often puts some "exhaust gas" with excessive concentration, large emission and high emission frequency, please pay attention to it. Under the good situation of our protection of the environment, it is urgent to control exhaust gas!

VIP "exhaust gas" excessive reasons

The lack of exercise leads to the gastrointestinal peristalsis of the VIP is slow, the accumulation of gas in the body is more and more, the lethality is also more and more, once the "collapse", the consequences are unimaginable! Exercise is the most convenient and effective way to solve the exhaust gas, the only thing the owner should pay attention to is that do not stand in the lower tuyere will not be accidentally injured.


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If your guest of honor starts to look like a starving monster when it comes time to eat, it's not hard to expect excessive emissions. There are two solutions: don't put his cutlery on the ground, but on a step or box above the ground, which will reduce the amount of air he swallows when he eats. Its eating time, you can put a rubber ball in its rice bowl, so that it can not eat all the food in one breath, can effectively delay the meal speed. However, make sure the ball is big enough that the dog won't eat it.