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Tourist attractions and precautions

2018-03-05 11:12:00

Another year of graduation season is coming, in order to leave the best memories of college life, let's go on a trip!


Id card, student ID card and other documents


First of all, the route: go, take the train first to sit or east railway station; Then take the bullet train to the railway station, about one and a half hours; When you arrive at the train station, you will find the address and route of your hotel. There is a bus stop on the left facing the train station, but there is less traffic.


The second step, wine: wine relative to the city is still cheap, but because it is a seaside tourist city, the general season of wine accommodation is relatively tight, so be sure to book online in advance. It is best to book on the App, there are often events, and the wine is relatively cheap. At 80 to 100 yuan wine is already very good.


The third step, diet: it is a city near the sea, so most of it is based on seafood. Of course, to eat seafood, you can try to choose to find a meal in the city, or online group buying, so it will be very cost-effective. Remember not to eat in the stalls near the Silver Beach or the place introduced by the taxi driver, the price is quite expensive.


The fourth step, safety: you can see two or three wheeled motorcycles everywhere on the road, so in order to travel safety, try to choose to take a bus or taxi, do not take a private electric car, after all, the safety factor is low.


The fifth step, attractions: there are silver Beach, Old street, underwater world and other attractions. To the silver beach is a must go place, surfing, watching the sunset is very fun, but before playing with good to the seaside items, : waterproof bags (put, etc.), slippers, beach pants, swimming rings, etc., although the Silver Beach has, but generally more expensive; Old street to see the European architecture, the street also has a lot of snacks can not be missed, shrimp cakes and so on; The underwater world can be the last choice to go to the place, have been to the underwater world can choose not to go, want to go to the friends must remember to book online, about 80 yuan, go to the ticket hall to 120 yuan.


Weizhou Island: Weizhou Island is a relatively close to the city of an island, a small area but surrounded by the sea. To go directly, be sure to buy a good ferry ticket in advance at the international passenger terminal, to Silver Beach must pass through the passenger terminal. The best bet is to go to the ticket hall and buy insurance. Then is to book the inn on the island, after booking online, timely inn owners, ask whether there is a car after the island, this is very important, because the island has not yet been fully developed, almost no means of transportation.


After the island has to buy island tickets, this time students with student ID can be discounted, not necessarily to my student ID, remember. Then call the innkeeper to pick you up at the inn.


Step seven. Weizhou Island attractions: On the island you can rent an electric car in the inn, riding the car you can go around the island. Places worth going are: Crocodile Mountain Park, the Catholic Church, Wucai Beach, Shiuokou Beach and so on. Crocodile Mountain park is not allowed to walk electric cars, you have to walk to go up. Catholic church, it is said that French missionaries built in Weizhou Island, the church is very that kind of European church style, now the church every Sunday there are still people worship in it. Friends who were going to church went a little earlier in the morning; The Wucai Beach is the place to watch the sunrise. In the summer, I have to get up around 5 o 'clock, figure out the route, and ride there. Shiuokou is mainly to surf, Weizhou Island water is much cleaner than the Silver beach there, the surrounding scenery is also much better.


Weizhou Island diet: Weizhou Island must not go to seafood stalls to eat seafood, go to the seafood market to buy seafood back to the inn for the boss to help you do, the seafood bought is generally just salvaged from the sea, very fresh. In the inn to help do seafood is to collect money, a dish about 15 ~ 25 yuan, try to discuss with the innkeeper, to the minimum.


Finally, return: to the inn to determine when to return, and then let the boss help you book the return ticket in advance, the price and the ticket hall is the same, the boss just help tourists to buy, the middle does not make money.


The most important thing to travel is to be safe. When you go out, you should always pay attention to your personal safety and don't trust others easily. Only in this way can you enjoy yourself and be happy. Finally, I wish you all a safe journey and enjoy your time!