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Tips for independent travel for single women

2018-05-14 11:12:30

Know where you are. Travel destination customs and accommodation travel and other conditions, you must do a detailed understanding before arriving, but do not superstition online all kinds of guides, saving money may be laborious, delicious may be one's own opinion, fun may be just personal preferences, you only need to put their own back and forth and the mood can be arranged. Sometimes we do not need a scenic spot to queue up, just walk casually leisurely can enjoy more pleasure, travel is to go, self-help is to find fun. Armed from head to toe. Check the local climate for their own travel to prepare enough luggage supplies, if it is a plateau, desert, mountain donkey travel is more fully equipped in case of emergency, travel will have the appearance of travel, armed from head to foot is not enough, women should take a few more clothes including lipstick perfume, perhaps you look at the scenery on the bridge to see the scenery of the people are also looking at you. Even backpacks and suitcases should have a little quality, the same exquisite and elegant beauty of their own will please others, a woman's image is also needed to operate, the gentle eye in the crowd will instantly overflow someone's heart shore. Choose a hotel with a good reputation. There are many places that are not necessary to live in star-rated wine, especially some places suitable for self-help travel, choose mountain hotels or youth hostels to live in, can let you get to know more travel companions get unexpected harvest, but such hotels are also indispensable in the mix, so single travel women to choose a good reputation hotel, after all, their own safety is the first. Hotels with their own cafe and kitchenette are more convenient, and sometimes you just need a drink or someone to talk to. Try to travel in groups. Some beautiful scenery is always hidden in the depths and not easy to show people, at this time we need to charter vehicles to go, the length of the journey is different, single women are best to go together in the local, can share the passage of more people also lively, the most important thing is the high safety factor, even if the travel is to empty themselves, can be accompanied by strangers only for the scenery encounter, will bring you a different kind of happiness and warmth. Loneliness is a kind of beauty, but sharing is a kind of happiness. One day you will be grateful for the scenery you pass by, the flowers you have opened and the people you have met. Encounter is beautiful, life is more real. Single women traveling may encounter some encounters or just chat up, sometimes fate, sometimes ambiguous hunting, and even hidden some kind of danger, encounter is mostly beautiful, but life has never really tolerated the fantasy of fairy tales, don't take it too seriously you will not put it down too much, different cities in this year's life may not produce distance, But the wide background habits will let our hearts eventually become too close. I still bless the chance encounter on the journey, even if it only moved us for a moment. Don't put yourself in danger. Today, I saw a girl who died of altitude sickness while crossing the New Tibet Line in a small town on the China-India border in the region. At the same time, it also reminds people who like to travel independently that unknown scenery also means unknown risks, and unfrequented places mean double the risk, and never put yourself in danger by acting on emotion. Nature is unpredictable and never conquered, but the point of travel is that we have a home to go back to and someone to love. Travel is a cure but not a cure. During the journey, I often encounter some travelers who are hurt by life emotions, and single women are many. Of course, I can understand that if necessary, exile yourself is also a way to heal, and sad walk is also a tragic brave to let us believe that hope is always in the distance. After all, travel is not the antidote to save stubborn people, the scenery is beautiful, there are also lost, some so-called freedom and temperament is just an excuse to escape life. Stable and steadfast love day is the woman most want the security, open the wound is not as sharp as the suture again fight lake. The world has greatly broadened its horizons. Travel should have something to gain, in addition to seeing the scenery of the people should also take the heart of the perception of the world, if not read thousands of books travel thousands of miles is just like a postman, can not understand the meaning of life and the rules of nature, modern women should put their eyes far away to open the mind, only stare at the point in front of the bottom line, once there is a wind will be the first defeat. Independence is to enjoy life, self-esteem is to retain courage, emotion is to warm each other, everything will follow the rules will be smooth, the life as a walking woman has become a part of the world.