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Summer car exposure to formaldehyde soaring foot MATS and seat covers are the biggest sources of pollution

2018-05-01 22:24:06

Summer high temperature car exposure to soaring formaldehyde foot MATS and seat covers are the biggest pollution sources - Price reminds the car to remove formaldehyde - remove formaldehyde - formaldehyde treatment - indoor decoration pollution control is very important. Caring for health - starts with breathing. In hot summer, vehicles parked outside are inevitably exposed to the sun. Some readers reflected that in this case to enter the car, hot and unbearable is still in the second, the most uncomfortable is the smell of the car. Some readers said that they had felt dizzy many times because of the smell in the car, but they did not know where the smell came from. Some readers also said that they heard that the odor emitted by the car contained formaldehyde, but they were not clear about the severity. In this issue, the living laboratory jointly conducts formaldehyde detection, indoor air pollution detection and treatment, and responds to readers' questions with experiments. Experimental design: Since there are many harmful substances that cause air pollution, in order to make the experiment more targeted, this experiment only measured the formaldehyde content in the car. Experimental method: An atmospheric sampler was used to absorb 20L of sample air at the rate of 0.5L/min, and the sample air was dissolved into the modulated phenol reagent for sampling. Within 24 hours of experimental sampling, the laboratory used phenol reagent spectrophotometry to add 0.4ml of 1% ferric sulfate solution to each sample in the laboratory, and used an atmospheric spectrophotometer to detect the degree of the sample. Before the air test, the temperature inside the three sample vehicles was about 25 ° C and the humidity was about 37%. After two hours in the sun, the average temperature in the car is 60 ° C. Conclusion After two hours of exposure, the formaldehyde content of different samples in the car increased to different degrees, and the degree was 0.67 to 2.59 times of that before exposure. According to the latest air quality testing standards, formaldehyde concentration below 0.1mg/m is qualified, higher than this value is "formaldehyde exceeded". The most severe cases in the sample exceeded the limit by 2.1 times. Pres indoor environmental pollution control formaldehyde control experts say that the foot mat and seat cover are typical pollution Pres indoor environmental pollution control interior decoration pollution control department Liu said that because formaldehyde is a special irritating gas, its mainly from the interior decoration materials and paint, glue, adhesives, etc., whether luxury cars or famous cars, can not be completely avoided. In addition to the original accessories in the car, the accessories and accessories installed by the owner may also become the culprit of the release of formaldehyde. Such as car foot pads, seat covers, etc., are typical. According to reports, in the foot pads and seat covers, common inferior adhesives, after exposure to the sun, the release of formaldehyde is very huge. Pres indoor environmental pollution control said that because the boiling point of formaldehyde is relatively low, when the temperature in the car is higher than 19 ° C, its volatilization degree will be significantly accelerated, and the stuffy car temperature is conducive to the volatilization of formaldehyde. Therefore, before the owner gets on the car, open all the Windows for ventilation, about two or three minutes will be able to discharge the vast majority of harmful gases such as formaldehyde, exposed to the car, many people are used to closing the window and opening the air conditioning to cool down, although it seems to reduce the temperature in the car, but in fact it caused the closed environment of the carriage, so that harmful substances can not be effectively released. It's bad for your health. It is easy to cause formaldehyde exceeding the standard, indoor decoration pollution control, to avoid toxic pollution ventilation is the most important indoor environmental pollution control reminder, no matter whether to spend thousands of dollars on air control of cars, car formaldehyde removal - formaldehyde treatment - indoor decoration pollution control, or air purification. Frequent ventilation is still essential. Experts suggest that car owners find a shady place to park as much as possible; Before getting on the car, the door should be opened for ventilation for 5 minutes, until the hot air and toxic gases in the car are discharged (the owner feels the same as the outdoor temperature when entering the car), and then close the window to open the air conditioning. In addition, do not hurry to open the cold air before entering the car, the external circulation should be opened first, the air volume is opened to the maximum position, and all the Windows and sunroofs are opened to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling. After such a few minutes, the temperature in the car will soon be reduced to the extent that the human body can withstand, and the driver can consider entering the car and driving for a distance. When driving, the circulation speed of the air outside the car is fast, the air pressure is small, and the hot air in the car will be quickly distributed to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling. Then you can close the Windows and sunroof, adjust the reasonable air volume, or open the internal circulation, and enter the normal state of air conditioning use.