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Silver Beach, old street travel guide

2018-03-05 12:48:00

After 2014, most tourist cities have direct access to high-speed trains, forming a good cluster effect among major tourist attractions. As along the city, the seascape scenery of the Silver Beach and the historical and cultural heritage of the old street have been favored by many people.


There are more than a dozen bullet trains/high-speed trains a day from the capital, which can basically meet your travel schedule at any time. If there is no bullet train, you can take a bus next to the railway station or Langdong bus station, and the price next to the railway station is 40 to 50 yuan.


To the railway station directly out of the station in about 200 meters or so, there is a bus that starts from the railway station directly to the old street, of course, there are many taxis, do not care about the problem of taxi difficulty, the old street is not far from the sea in the heart.


About the local characteristics of the diet is of course seafood, it is best not to go to the edge of the old street to eat, very expensive to say, it is best to be slightly away from the old street a little bit of the location to eat, the material and type are similar.


The old street is a place that does not charge admission, which sells most of the various pastries that are everywhere, of course, there are also some local specialties and Southeast Asian specialties, the price is relatively reasonable, the old street's old-fashioned buildings may let you down, if you do not know its history.


Then you can take a bus near the old street directly to the Silver Beach, located at the intersection opposite Huamei Plaza, the price is 2 yuan, the time is about an hour.


Silver Beach is also a free place, the most interesting season is of course from May to November, when you can swim, because the salt is relatively high, after washing it is best to wash a fresh water bath at the seaside, is 10 yuan per person, of course, Silver Beach also has a place to store items, 20 yuan each small cabinet, probably can put a general large bag volume. About accommodation, it is best to agree online in advance, and to confirm that you need to stay at the time of available beds.