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Precautions for patients with armpit odor

2018-04-22 09:36:04

Armpit odor brings a lot of discomfort to the daily life of patients with armpit odor, because it emits this special odor, will make others do not like to have close contact with him, so this often makes patients with armpit odor have a certain inferiority. In fact, patients with armpit odor do not need too much inferiority, as long as they pay attention to a few small details in daily life, it will reduce the taste of armpit odor. The following to tell you the armpit odor patients need to pay attention to matters.


You must pay attention to personal hygiene. Once you sweat, especially after exercise, you should wipe off or take a bath as soon as possible to reduce the chance of body odor; If half are not allowed to bathe immediately, they should also clean their underarms frequently.


Bathe regularly on weekdays. Patients should bathe with disinfectant or disinfectant soap to reduce the growth of bacteria.


The Khan should wear loose, clear and thin clothes. Many people think that wearing long sleeves or thick clothes can cover the smell of sweat, in fact, it is a big mistake, so not only increase the amount of sweat, sweat smell is difficult to dissipate, more and more smelly.


Do not try to cover the smell with the fragrance of perfume, because it is easy to cause skin allergies, and the smell plus the smell will make the smell more intense and unpleasant.


Antiperspirant should be used in the shower or when the skin is dry, not after sweating.