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Postpartum urination difficulty how to do

2018-04-23 17:36:47

Introduce pregnancy knowledge.




Pregnant women retain a lot of water during pregnancy. After childbirth, part of the water is excreted by the urine through the kidneys, so there is a phenomenon of excessive urine after childbirth. Under normal circumstances, four hours after delivery should urinate.


However, some parturients, especially primipara, often have difficulty urinating and urinary retention. The main reasons for this situation are that the labor time is too long, and the bladder is congested and edema due to long-term compression of the preconception part, and the loss of contractile function.


Second, postpartum abdominal wall relaxation, pelvic space increases, bladder capacity also increases, bladder internal pressure is not sensitive. There is an excess of urine, but no desire to urinate. Third, the perineal wound is swollen and painful, causing spasm of the urethral sphincter, and the fourth is not used to urination in bed.


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Plus. A hot water bag can also be placed in the center of the lower abdomen. Stimulates bladder muscles to contract. Or through acupuncture Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, three Yin Jiao and Yin Ling Quan. Urge them to urinate. If not. You have to call your doctor for a catheterization. Catheterization may be left in place for a period of time if necessary. Remove the bladder after the recovery of urination function.

Matters needing attention

Seek medical attention early.