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May Day travel guide, do not know where to play hurry collection!

2018-02-27 17:36:00

May Day travel guide, do not know where to play hurry collection!


May Day travel guide




Sun Island Park, which used to be a Russian villa, was expanded into an island. The natural scenery of Sun Island is very beautiful. The whole island is surrounded by blue water, glittering water, verdant flowers and trees, quiet and quiet, rich wild interest, plain and rough landscape.


The silly Bear Park is a fairy-tale amusement world hidden in dense foliage and thick green shade. Bear Park is not only the only ecological landscape amusement park in the province, but also from now on the Sun Island scenic spot from leisure tourism to leisure sightseeing and entertainment tourism resort.


The Polar Pavilion is the world's first polar performing arts amusement park, one of the three major scenic spots of the International Ice and Snow Festival, a national 4A-level tourist attraction, and China's first polar pavilion with polar animal entertainment as the theme. It was selected as "Global Outstanding Scenic Spot" by the world's largest travel website "Trip Advisor".


Russian style town Russian style town is a very strong Russian style of tourism and leisure town, it can provide special services and Chinese and foreign guests in the town to feel the "outbound enjoyment" is unique. The town is located in the heart of the beautiful Sun Island, close to the scenic line, echoing the Central Street and Stalin Park.


Hi dream HiD indoor theme park Hi dream HiD indoor theme park is the first in our province outside the forefront of avant-garde amusement park as the theme, set theme catering, special catering, leisure catering in one of the indoor amusement park. The amusement park is divided into 5 floors above ground and 1 floor underground. Among them, the negative 1 layer is the water park, the 2 layer is the children's kingdom, the 3 layer is the cool base, the 4 layer is the dynamic show, the 5 layer is the dream world.

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Hailbin travel guide


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