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How to use rubber air bag

2018-05-01 20:48:12

In China's Marine industry, rubber air bag is an important protective equipment to protect the safety of the hull and avoid the collision between the dock and the hull. The characteristics of rubber air bag, such as high quality and low price, easy installation and convenient use, make it become the first choice of protective equipment for major docks and shipyards, and its popularity is quite wide. What is more, with the accelerated process of globalization in recent years, the rapid development of overseas trade, China's rubber air bags have been sold all over the world, becoming the world's shipping industry recognized as the best quality protective equipment. In addition, rubber air bags are also widely used in highway construction and bridge casting. So how does the rubber air bag play its protective role? How do you use it? First of all, before using the rubber air bag, be sure to carefully check the steel cage wire joint on the surface of the rubber air bag and the wire roller head must not be bent in the direction of the inner diameter, so as not to break the core mold of the air bag, which will lead to the leakage of the rubber air bag. Secondly, after the inspection is completed, the concrete cushion layer should be poured at the bottom of the steel cage, and then the rubber air bag is moved to the steel cage with a rope. It should be noted that the longitudinal seam of the rubber airbag must be placed facing up. Third, after the rubber air bag is properly placed, it can be inflated inside. Open the inflatable door, fill the gas in the rubber bag to the specified pressure range, you can close the valve. It needs to be reminded that when inflating, we must strictly abide by the pressure regulations and must not overpressure. Finally, the rubber air bag filled with gas is fixed in the steel cage, and can not be shaken left and right. Then comes the final step: pouring the concrete. After the concrete has set, the valve of the rubber air bag can be opened to deflate the air, and then the mandrel can be extracted.