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How to use Haier wave washing machine

2018-04-22 01:36:39

How to use Haier wave washing machine


Open the door of the washing machine, put the clothes in, and close the door. It should be noted that the door must be closed to avoid the situation of no water and no work.


Open the washing powder box, a tray for three small cells, put the washing powder into the box, close the washing powder box, turn the program controller knob (clockwise), select any washing mode, and then turn on the power to work.


If you need to dry, turn the drying timer knob properly and choose the appropriate drying time.

Matters needing attention

In order to avoid damage caused by shaking of the inner cylinder during transportation, the washing machine will be fixed on the rear box of the machine with fixing screws during transportation. Most of the machines are three or four, which need to be plugged with the attached hole plug after removal. Do not remove the direct use, in order to prevent the vibration generated during dehydration caused by the vibration of the whole machine, resulting in serious damage and deformation of the machine, or parts fall off and damage, and can not be restored.