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How to prevent radiation? Here are some tips for pregnant women

2018-04-23 19:12:35

Nowadays, people's living standards are rapidly improving, and a variety of electronic products have brought you a rich life experience and made your life more convenient. But it also has its negative side, electromagnetic radiation is one of the more harmful point. But you do not have to be too alarmed, as the saying goes, in life, we also summed up a variety of radiation prevention methods. So, what kind of radiation prevention method for pregnant women is good? Let's take a look at these radiation protection methods.


Eat more food rich in collagen elastic substances Collagen in food has a adhesion effect, it can adhere the body of radioactive substances out of the body, and the elastic substances contained in animal skin also has the function of repairing damaged skin. Kelp, seaweed, pig skin, pig feet and other foods are rich in collagen, suitable for pregnant women. According to relevant studies, pregnant women usually eat more appropriate food rich in collagen, can help pregnant women effectively resist radiation.


Create a healthy living environment where we live every day, in order to reduce electromagnetic radiation, in the place where we live, we need to pay attention. In the decoration of the living environment, the following points should be paid attention to. 1, the cultivation of radiation-resistant plants Pregnant women can be at home, or within the appropriate cultivation of some radiation-resistant plants. Large broad-leaved plants and various bottled aquatic plants can play the role of absorbing dust, dust and purifying the air. Cactus, hanging leaf FIG, millennium wood, golden Kudzu and so on. 2, do not let electrical appliances cluster electrical push will double the radiation, so we had better not let electrical appliances cluster, do not put household appliances too concentrated or often used together, especially TV, computer, refrigerator should not be concentrated in the bedroom, so as not to expose themselves to the danger of excessive dose of radiation.


In order to solve the problem of radiation protection for pregnant women, there are also many radiation protection products on the market. According to the experimental report released by the China Consumers Association in 2016, radiation protective clothing is made of metal fiber materials and silver fiber materials with shielding electromagnetic radiation performance of high-tech products, pregnant women radiation protective clothing for daily life widely existing electromagnetic radiation can indeed play a good shielding role, pregnant mothers in need can combine their own living environment to choose to wear.