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How to prevent endocrine disorders?

2018-04-24 11:12:53

How to prevent endocrine disorders? Endocrine disorders have many reasons, including environmental factors, physiological factors, emotional factors, endocrine disorders to female friends bring a lot of trouble, the most serious and direct harm is to lead to female infertility, so women should pay attention to adjust their own, from the teenage years should prevent endocrine disorders, the following 6 kinds of endocrine disorders prevention and health care.


1, soybeans are born to be a good friend of women Soybeans and soy products contain bulk phytoestrogens, which play a primary role in the prevention of breast cancer, especially soybeans, which can transform the secretion of hormones in the body. Clinical medical research shows that soy and soy products have the role of balancing estrogen in the body, when the body estrogen is too low, soy or soy products will increase it, but when estrogen is too high, soy or soy products will also reduce it.


2, can not stay up late do not stay up late Lack of sleep will lead to metabolic disorders. People who often stay up late or have irregular schedules will not only age particularly fast, but their health will also be seriously damaged, so try not to stay up late if you can! People who sleep four hours or less a night have problems with their body metabolism in processing carbohydrates. To improve the quality of sleep, you can exercise within 2-3 hours before going to bed to maintain stable sleep. Taking a warm bath or drinking a glass of warm milk before bed is also beneficial.


3, a lot of bath bath is one of the simplest ways to maintain physical and mental balance, the use of high temperature repeat into the bath method, can improve blood compression, expansion. Take a bath for 3 minutes each time, rest for 5 minutes and re-enter the bath, repeat three times, you can unconsciously lose a lot of energy, the effect is equivalent to jogging a kilometer. At the same time, taking a bath can also promote the renewal of old keratin and maintain smooth and fine skin. However, people with a bad heart are not suitable for often soaking in a hot bath, may wish to try the traditional health care prescription - hot water feet, which can expand the micro-blood of the feet, improve the blood circulation of the whole body, and achieve the goal of fitness. Essential oil bath or foot bath, even better effect!


4, anytime, anywhere do a massage whether lymph fluid and blood circulation in the body is smooth, will affect the body for waste, toxins and other substances discharge speed. The correct massage tricks can maintain the smooth circulation of blood, accelerate metabolism, and smoothly deal with waste in the body. Massage from the extremity end towards the heart, can promote the flow of lymph and blood, can make the muscle metabolism more vigorous, supply cells with more nutrients to promote metabolism and help fat burning oxygen, while accelerating the excretion of waste products. Do a massage while watching TV every day, and you can easily improve your health.


5, healthy body to donate blood blood is not only a good social morality, but also can greatly improve their own metabolic ability, not only will not harm health, regular blood donation or one of the ways to maintain health. Therefore, as long as the body is healthy and meets the conditions for blood donation, it is still necessary to do the task.


6, eat less fast food, away from toxins fast food to women is - the high incidence of diseases of the sweat system and reproductive system tumors. Eating too much saturated fat stimulates the overproduction of estrogen, and steroids in fat can be converted into estrogen in the body and contribute to the formation of breast cancer cells. Excessive intake of artificial hormones, excessive toxins in the body, will also cause endocrine disorders. Use less plastic products (including plastic bags) to contain microwave food, because it is easy to spill toxic substances.

Matters needing attention

Endocrine disorders are one of the important causes of female infertility, which can lead to ovulation disorders and affect the function of the ovary to varying degrees