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How to prevent cervical disc degeneration

2018-04-22 00:00:27

Cervical disc degeneration, that is, the water content of the intervertebral discs in the neck becomes low, that is, cervical spondylosis; With the popularity of computers and computers, the incidence of cervical spondylosis is extremely high, not only for adults, but also for middle school students. Prevention is very important, how to prevent cervical disc degeneration?


Suitable hard bed, pillow height should be appropriate: adults sleep about 8 hours a day, children's time is longer, babies sleep for more than ten hours, a comfortable bed is very important; In order to prevent cervical disc degeneration, sleep on a hard bed with a brown or thin cushion and a pillow that is not too high to prevent cervical disc degeneration.


Do not bow for a long time: the correct posture is conducive to protecting the cervical spine, when people are playing, computer, cervical curvature will change, especially myopia, prefer to lean forward, over time, the cervical disc will be denatuous. Staff standing or sitting for a long time, be sure to get up everywhere.


This article is based on experience


Proper exercise: exercise is the basic of health, cervical vertebrae should also often do some exercise, rice word exercise, respectively, the head down, up, left, right to twist, do, with deep breathing, do about 10 minutes a day.


Gentle and appropriate massage: Massage can strengthen blood circulation, cervical vertebra of cervical disc degeneration is usually stiff, indicating that blood circulation is not smooth here, you can often massage here to relax, prevent cervical disc degeneration.


Cupping in the cervical spine: cupping can induce qi and blood to cervical spondylosis, activating the meridian, cervical intervertebral disc will not be denaturated, cervical cupping acupoints: Dazhui point, wind pool, shoulder well point, A is point, after pulling the cupping, gently massage with the hand to promote the recovery of the pot print.

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