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How to prepare for the Graduate Entrance Exam?

2018-04-23 20:48:01

Graduate entrance examination is a lot of people want to participate in, but many people do not know the specific examination process of graduate entrance examination, examination subjects, etc., this article mainly introduces these things.




Postgraduate entrance exam book


The specific process of the postgraduate examination is: prepare for the exam (start to review) - choose the target school - online - participate in the preliminary examination of the postgraduate entrance examination - participate in the second examination - admission.


Students who are going to take the exam, first of all, have to review and look up information. Exam subjects include: Mathematics, English (I, II), Politics, Specialized subjects. Reference books include: advanced mathematics textbooks of Tongji University, probability of Zhejiang University, line generation of Tsinghua University.


: After selecting the target institution login: log in China Graduate Information Network -- proceed.


Take the exam: The annual exam is generally held around January 5 and 6, the specific notice of previous years. The exam is divided into two days: politics in the morning and English in the afternoon; The next morning math, the afternoon specialized courses. During the exam, please pay attention to the exam time, and see the specific arrangement of the exam place.


Participate in the second test: check the preliminary test results - over the line - according to the specific time of each school to conduct the second test (including interview and written test is mainly professional) - wait for the final results (see the website of each school).


Pass the second examination - Wait for the notice - Receive the notice to prepare for admission - officially enrolled.

Matters needing attention

The exam time varies from year to year, see the announcement time of the current year for details.