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How to prepare essential medicines for travel

2018-04-23 03:12:08

The National Day has just passed, I believe that many friends are like me, travel a big circle back, feel have not enjoyed it. I always feel that way on vacation. After coming back, I specially arranged the bag to travel, and shared with you how to prepare the necessary medicine for traveling, if you often go out to travel, you must need. I'm not afraid of 10,000, I'm afraid of one thing.


A Band-aid. I think a lot of people must have this. If we travel, plus these years are full of people suffering, more or less always accidentally here or there to be knocked, some people may not care about some small injuries, anyway, will be their own good. However, I think it is better to put on a band-aid to prevent further infection, especially for children.


The spirit of wind and oil. I always bring this. First of all, it has a refreshing effect on travel. And I get a little carsick, and every time I put on a little bit of grease, it gets better. In addition, in the wild mosquito bites, itching also has a good effect.


Diarrhea medicine. We travel in addition to play, there is a travel must do, is to eat, and is to eat better than usual, good characteristics, to high, in short, sometimes, because of our food cravings, and may eat things are not often eaten, if the stomach is not good, it is easy to cause diarrhea, especially with children, children eat up more. Therefore, it is necessary to have diarrhea medicine on hand. Otherwise, you always run to the toilet, which will spoil the tour.


Cold medicine. This also has a certain necessity, we often go to the scenic spot, if you stay overnight, under normal circumstances, the temperature difference is relatively large, many of us are more out of the province, the climate and you at home will be different, it is easy to lead to a cold, if your resistance is not strong, so, prepare some cold medicine is very good.


Summer-heat medicine (summer). For summer, then you must prevent heat stroke medicine, although, we travel to a more comfortable place, but sometimes there will be accidents, especially traffic jams, climate change ah, the journey tired ah, it is easy to heat stroke. This is still very necessary.


Motion sickness stickers or medication (if motion sickness occurs). If you get sick in the car, you must remember to bring it, don't forget it. Before I was very carsick, once, go out forgot to take, ask the guide did not, so lead to arrive at the destination, I am not painful, more not in the mood to travel, to the second day, I just slow down, ah, wasted a day. So, carsick friends, be sure to take this before you travel.


Anti-bug and anti-itch medicine. This, in fact, as mentioned earlier, wind oil essence is also very good, against mosquito bites. However, if we go to the mountains, where there are more mosquitoes, or for this aspect to be fully prepared, after all, we live in the city, usually rarely contact with mosquitoes, are more sensitive, first of all to do a good job of insect repellent drugs, generally sprayed on the clothing, and then after being bitten to relieve the itch, otherwise very uncomfortable. There are some friends who are more allergic to this should pay attention to.