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How to make flour strainer

2018-05-01 12:48:30

The non-metallic screen of the flour filter is actually made of polyester or nylon material.


Polyester net


Mesh frame


The non-metal screen of flour filter is actually made of polyester or nylon material, the advantage of this material is that it will not rust, not afraid of water not afraid of alkali, the service life is not short, the gauze itself is also convenient to cut, light and bright, in the food grade filter industry is a good choice, next we talk about the simple production process of household flour filter.


Before making the filter yarn, prepare the required materials, a simple frame bracket, a 40-purpose filter yarn, prepare a few nails (or liquid glue), fix the mesh frame around according to the size you want, and then cut out the mesh of the same size as the mesh frame with scissors. Finally, use nails or glue to fix the mesh on the mesh frame, the mesh must be flat on the mesh frame, there can be no folds, you can replace the mesh according to your own needs, filter out the thickness of different flour, household flour filter is so simple to complete.


The filter screen in the production is generally used with the vibrating screen, such as the filter screen used in each process must be strictly in accordance with the standard implementation and implementation, and the selection of materials with high precision and wear resistance, even the selection of accessories must meet the quality requirements of related products, must also meet the requirements of the national health department. And it is divided into many series according to the different screening materials, and we will explain it slowly later.

Matters needing attention

The mesh surface collapsed


Material clean and hygienic