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How to keep our ears healthy?

2018-04-24 12:48:27

Among the many organs of the body, perhaps you pay the most attention to the face, eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, these organs for women, if makeup is the part that must be changed, and to be refined, then you have not paid attention to your ears, may be wearing some accessories, in fact, the health of the ears is really important, Because our daily work and life have to hear a variety of voices, receive a variety of sound information, if there is a problem with hearing, it will really affect your normal work and life. So how should we keep our ears healthy in our daily life?


Don't pick your ears too often. Often see friends around you often take the ear spoon or cotton swab to pick the ear, and every day, so as to keep the ear clean, but the excessive cleaning of the ear is very harmful to the health of the ear, a little dirt in the ear can block the outside dust, bacterial invasion, but also can block the outside strong noise, so do not over-clean the ear, Don't pick your ears too often.


Remove dirt from your shower head. In the summer, we have to take a bath almost every day, but have you cleared the dirt in your shower head in time? Because if there is dirt in the shower head, when taking a bath, if the water enters the ear, it will lead to bacteria directly into the ear, causing a series of infections. The shower head is more conducive to the reproduction of bacteria in such a humid environment as the bathroom. Therefore, the shower head should be cleaned regularly and removed for disinfection.


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Massage your ears often. Regular ear massage is conducive to promoting the blood circulation of the ear, for improving hearing also has a good taste, good hearing people, often reflect fast, flexible brain. Every day, when walking, or when sleeping, you can massage the ear, as shown in the figure, keep your hand in a ring, massage the outer ear from inside to outside, until the ear is hot, you can massage two to three times a day.


Avoid noise damage. Intensity of noise will damage the eardrum, will directly lead to hearing loss, so in daily life, pay attention to protect the ear from noise damage, such as watching TV, listening to music, as far as possible to sound small, hear it, when encountering strong sounds such as firecrackers, remember to cover your ears.


Don't get angry and yell too often. Often angry, angry, anger and so on cause ischemia in the ear, is not conducive to the supply of blood in the ear, because, so to maintain a happy mood, often unit price physical exercise.


Women should not wear exaggerated earrings. Women like to wear some accessories to the ear, but some accessories will bring harm to the ear, some materials will cause ear allergies, resulting in ear fester and pus, and even tear the ear, so choose simple, suitable for their own material to wear.