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How to install a toilet flush valve

2018-05-02 04:48:04

The toilet flushing valve in the home will leak for a long time and cannot be used again, and it must be replaced with a new flushing valve. Below I will share how to replace the toilet flushing valve.


Water pliers, adjustable wrench, flushing valve


Loosen several wires of the upper and lower two nuts of the flushing valve with pliers, and then twist the screw of the water valve by hand to remove the broken flushing valve.


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The upper end of the flushing valve wrapped with raw material belt is inserted into the hole of the water inlet with a vise, and the wrench of the water clamp can not play a role. Then put a flat rubber pad on the water inlet and tighten it with a hand wrench. When twisting, be sure to put the flat rubber pad first, and then slowly lock the nut.


After installation, look at the water leakage at the upper and lower nuts, and then gently tighten the screws slowly to adjust no leakage

Matters needing attention

Before installation, ensure that the water inlet end is not inverted flush valve