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How to "clean" your computer

2018-04-21 22:24:27

Computer speed is slow, sometimes make you upset, if in a hurry, it is a dead heart, how to make our computer speed faster, Xiaobian suggested that we must clean up your computer at any time, let your computer in a refreshing state, now Xiaobian has these cleaning methods, hope to help everyone.


A computer

Daily "cleaning" [Using Disk C as a demonstration]

Double-click the mouse to open "My computer/This computer/computer", after opening, we right click on our C drive and select "Properties".


This page is based on experience

Think of "cleaning" it

Open Internet Explorer, click the Settings icon, and select "Internet Options" (you can also open other browsers, but the order is "Tools - Internet options").


In the general Internet options window, there is a "delete", we click him, there will be a "delete browsing history", and then we click "delete", and then click the Internet options window "OK", so that we open the page speed will be faster oh.

Release the computer. Speed up the computer

Turn off "sleep", because sleep is to let the computer for a long time standby state, so if not necessary, you can turn it off, close method: click the power icon - more power options - select the function of the power button - click Change the current unchangeable function - Check sleep - save changes. Desktop computers can of course be changed by going to the power options in the control panel.


Close "system restore", "system restore" needs to record a lot of data information, so it will let the computer speed down, if you are not a beginner, then this function you can close, because this function you will not use, but do not use to the computer, do not close, afraid to prevent accidents. Close method: right-click on the "my computer", choose "properties", click "system to protect" - click on the "configuration" - click on "disable system to protect" - sure.


Turn off 'remote', it will affect the speed of our computer, and we don't use this feature, why not turn it off, close method: right click "My computer" - select "properties" - click "remote Settings - 'Allow remote assistance to connect to this computer' before the check box.


Turn off indexing service, which we don't use very often, so we can turn it off, open it up and run (WIN+R for Windows 8), type in "msconfig", click on "Services", go to "indexing servise" and leave off the checkmark OK.

Matters needing attention

Beginners should pay special attention not to change the Settings of the computer.


Pay attention to develop good habits, the computer is also comfortable to use.


I hope all this cleansing helps.