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How to choose memory health pillow

2018-04-22 16:00:36

Choosing a good memory pillow can not only bring us a good sleep, but more importantly, bring us health is indescribable, one third of the time in a person's life is spent in sleep, if a person's life has 80 years of time, about 25 years of time spent in sleep. This is accompanied by the fact that we are in contact with pillows for perhaps the most time in our lives. If you can choose a pillow suitable for your own, not only can relieve the cervical pressure of work every day, but also improve the quality of sleep, only if the quality of sleep is improved, in order to more effectively improve work efficiency, why not?

How to choose health pillow

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Purchasing skills

Memory health pillows are not made of pure raw materials (polyurethane), but it is difficult to judge for non-professionals.


Whether the density of the memory health pillow is up to standard, because the memory health pillow material is a slow rebound material, which is one of the basic indicators of slow rebound materials. Due to the difference in the process, the general density is between 100-150D, the slow rebound material must be the material of the degree, but it is not necessarily the high-grade material, the best memory pillow material density is more than 150KG/ cubic meter, the ordinary only less than 50KG/ cubic meter.


The rebound time of the memory health pillow, the best rebound time is between 3-5S, too slow and too fast is not really made of slow rebound material;


Feel and temperature sensing, feel comfortable is the best, high-grade slow rebound materials have a good temperature sensing, will change with the temperature and become soft and hard;


Service life, if it is a pure imported material, it can be used for more than 5 years without deformation, and if it is made of added materials, the quality of the pillow is poor, and it can only be used for 1-2 years.


Whether the security check is passed, whether the slow rebound harmful substances are fully used, the slow rebound material is a chemical composition material, and its safety indicators must be controlled in production.

Warm reminder

Have a good health pillow, not only let us have a high-quality sleep, but also let us have a more healthy body, the reference below, there is a very good memory health pillow. Word of mouth is extremely good. Interested friends can click on the address in the resources to learn more.