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How to choose external weight loss drugs three tips to teach you the correct selection method

2018-04-23 14:24:02

In many weight loss drugs, how to choose external weight loss drugs? For different medicinal values, how to choose external weight loss drugs is the most suitable for their own? Let's reveal the correct choice of topical weight loss drugs, so that you do not spend money on the premise of useful weight loss.


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1, to have a correct understanding of their own, in general, topical weight loss drugs are only suitable for patients with simple hypertrophy, because of various diseases caused by secondary hypertrophy, the first should look for the cause, as long as the cause is removed, the ability to fundamentally "lose weight". But even simple obesity also has two different manifestations, one is embodied in systemic obesity, this patient is more significantly overweight, simply relying on external drug weight loss effect is often not very ambitious, so this patient should choose other weight loss methods (such as food therapy, physical exercise method, etc.), supplemented by external weight loss drugs. The other is mainly reflected in the subcutaneous fat accumulation in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, which is better for patients with external drug weight loss effect, if the use of appropriate methods, often can obtain more ambitious weight loss effect in the short term.


2. From the perspective of affecting skin absorption, the hydration degree of the skin, the physicochemical properties of the penetrant and the water-lipid partition coefficient between the drug and the skin surface determine the absorption of external drugs on the skin. Because creams and ointments can add skin absorption and promote the ability of drugs to penetrate the skin, it is best to choose topical slimming drugs in the form of creams or oils (creams).


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