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How to choose electric nursing bed?

2018-04-22 12:48:51

At present, as China enters the aging society, more and more elderly people choose to use electric nursing beds due to physical health problems, and then as a general family, if it is not because of the sudden reasons of the elderly, how would not think of the need for such things, but choosing a suitable electric nursing bed can indeed bring a lot of convenience to the family. It also reduces a lot of pain for the elderly. Today, I will combine my own practical experience in the purchase of electric nursing beds to tell you how to choose a suitable electric nursing bed for the elderly. According to the material classification, the electric care bed is mainly divided into three categories: all wood, ABS engineering plastic, steel, of course, there are electric care beds mixed with these materials. The main functions of the electric nursing bed are: 1, electric back: let the elderly's back can be lifted up, convenient for the elderly to eat, read, watch TV, entertainment and leisure 2, electric leg lift: lift the patient's leg, convenient for the patient to move the leg, convenient scrubbing, observation, and other care activities 3, electric turn over: This is generally divided into left and right side roll and three fold roll over, in fact, the role is the same, that is, save the labor of manual roll over, through the machine electric to achieve, but also convenient for the elderly when scrubbing, you can side to scrub the body of the elderly, convenient for a lot of 4, wash the hair and feet: That is, in the electric nursing bed, you can wash the hair of the patient, directly on the bed, a little like the hairstyle, without moving the elderly can be achieved, foot washing is to put the legs down, directly to the elderly in the electric nursing bed to wash the feet. Urination and defecation on the nursing bed, there are generally many nursing beds that do not have this function, so it is very inconvenient, and those with this function are also classified as manual urination and electric control for urination and defecation, and they are controlled by remote control. 6, regular turn over: the current regular turn over, generally set the interval time, generally set, can be divided into 30 minutes to turn over once and 45 minutes to turn over once, so that as long as the nursing staff set the electric nursing bed after the turn time, you can leave, electric nursing bed to automatically turn over the elderly. Of course, it also includes a lot of auxiliary functions, become a wheelchair, can be pushed to the suitable position at home, etc., most of the nursing beds on the market are included, the first two of the six functions mentioned above, or three, at present, the author in the old home to see D09 electric nursing bed is included in all these functions, feel more appropriate, the price is more reasonable, When choosing, it is necessary to choose according to the situation of the elderly and the situation of the people who take care of the elderly, as well as the economic conditions of the family. If the economic conditions of the family are suitable, it is certainly the choice to buy a fully functional nursing bed, so that not only the elderly, but also the caregivers are relatively easy. Another is the function of defecation, if the elderly have been incontinence, then the function of the hole can be ignored when buying an electric nursing bed, as long as other functions are considered. Generally choose electric nursing bed price between 3000 yuan to 6000 yuan is the most appropriate.