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How does rehmannia get water

2018-04-23 22:24:36

To do is a verb that means to do something. How do you get water? What is essentially explored is the method of extracting water from the mixture. This article is based on Rehmannia, talking about the concept and method of how to get water from Rehmannia, I hope that the people who have the chance to listen to extract water from Rehmannia can become the gossip of the beneficiaries after dinner.


Rehmannia rehmannia is divided into two categories, one is ripe, the other is raw, raw is fresh Rehmannia Rehmannia, untreated Rehmannia Rehmannia, raw ground just dug out of the ground, fresh and tender, rich in water, from the raw extraction is how to get water basic concept, in order to store dried cooked ground, there is no water in the raw ground.


Evaporation extraction is the premise of rehmannia how to get water is a practice, to pay attention to the basic law of things, once the practice is wrong, Rehmannia can not get water, generally speaking, extract water from Rehmannia, are steamed, do not advocate boiling, let alone baking, evaporation extraction is the premise of rehmannia water.


How to get water is a problem, but also a confusion, predecessors have made countless efforts to give different things to make different answers, how to get water from rehmannia rehmannia extract. In general, put the steamed rehmannia into the gauze, and keep rolling the rope from both ends, you can extract the water in the rehmannia.


This article is based on experience