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How do I apply for an email number?

2018-05-03 11:12:06

With the development of society, office automation is now advocated, so the application of the Internet is common, which is of course an easy thing for some young people, but for some middle-aged and elderly friends who are still at work, it is not so simple, how to apply for the following email number?


A computer with an Internet connection


Install a browser on your computer


Here is a first introduction, there are many kinds of mailboxes, there are 163 mailboxes, there are 126 mailboxes, and so on, with their own want to buy clothes, but what brand of clothes have, their own choice. First open the browser and enter the word mailbox in the search bar, the search result will appear in the following figure, I clicked the first one, after entering, select 163 mailbox, click


The following interface appears, there is login and registration, select Register


There are three kinds of registration, letter mailbox (that is, you can randomly think of a letter, or your name spelled or something), number mailbox (that is, literally, apply for a mailbox with your own number), as for VIP mailbox, it is used by elites, generally will not use this, I use a letter mailbox, the following fill in the corresponding, Fill in your name and password, click Register now


If the following picture appears, registration is successful.


This information comes from experience