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Dry products ~ pregnancy skin care | easy to use pregnant women's lotion

2018-04-21 14:24:22

Milk is one of our basic skin care, after pregnancy, you can not make up, can not use milk, the following to share some pregnant women available milk ~

German rejuvenating folic acid Lotion

The ingredients are mild, moisturizing, containing edible grade folic acid, no flavor and preservatives, the ingredients are safe, no addition, no obvious taste, will not lead to morning sickness, very easy to absorb, I have recommended this milk to many people, all said very good to use! END


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Flevignon Lotion

Suitable for dry sensitive skin, has the effect of moisturizing and soothing, can stabilize the skin state well without adding any chemical ingredients, when using the need to slowly pat until absorbed, the moisturizing effect is still good! END

Spring rain and milk

Their home products are mild and non-irritating, very suitable for sensitive muscles, safe ingredients for pregnant mothers, no addition, no flavor, preservatives, the emulsion is slightly sticky, I think it is suitable for my dry skin. END