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Does queue mean "of" in Hokkien

2018-05-02 19:12:43

Aye. The Hokkien "queue" means: ① to be in; Existence: I ~ | you ~ fall? (2) To indicate the progress of an action, often used with "ni", equivalent to "is" : I ~ I ~ read the newspaper. ③ Preposition, indicating time, place, range, etc., equivalent to the Mandarin "in" : yi 徛 ~ gate. Writing is often written with the trained word "in". Distribution area Minnan language is mainly distributed,,,, most of the district and most of Zhangping City, most of the district, part of the city Fuding, a small part, a small part of the district, part of Fuqing. Some natural villages in Yuxi Town of Fuqing City, some natural villages in Wangkeng of Yidu Township, Shangjing Township, Yin, Yangxia Township, Dongzhang and other towns, Longtang of Honglu Town, Zhenbian, Zhou and other villages. The Hui people and the Manchu people, the Mongols also speak fluent Min Nan, and the Hui people who are not in the Hui nationality also speak Min Nan.