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Devil May Cry 4 Chapter 6 (1)

2018-04-23 11:12:03

Devil May Cry 4 Pass the first part of Chapter 6 of the Bible, this chapter will be the transition stage to the next chapter, the Forest chapter, so the links are relatively complicated. Look good.


The sixth chapter officially begins: the awakening of instinct, the real power hidden in the body, so domineering ah


To jump or not to jump? Go ahead, the plot requires,


After the jump. There's a steel gate. Just go in


Come to this colorful place, in fact, he is a chess game, you need to impress the dice, and then you will, to the end, the door will be unlocked.


Look, the white light source is already there, almost to the end of the oh


All right, chess pieces are over. Go to the other door

Matters needing attention

(To be continued) If you want to know the next chapter for the first time, please pay attention to the fairy Xiaobian oh, pure manual code words, thank you for your support!