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Chronic rhinitis needs attention in daily nursing

2018-04-23 04:48:46

Many people have had chronic rhinitis, we know that the harm of this disease is very great, people's understanding is very little. At this time, many patients often do not cooperate in life, in fact, patients with chronic rhinitis also have a lot of problems that need attention in daily care. Bai Tong Tong details the following six issues that should be noted:


Nutrition should be balanced and diversified. Eat more vegetables and fruits with more vitamins. Such as green vegetables, apples, spinach, carrots, etc.


This information comes from experience


Avoid the various factors that cause the body's resistance to decline: such as lack of sleep, excessive fatigue, drinking, cold, smoking, etc.; This is because, when the human body's resistance declines, the nasal mucosa has poor regulatory function, low defense function, and the virus can invade and cause disease.


Diet should be as light as possible, as little as possible to eat spicy, spicy, fried, fried hot products, such as ginger, fried bread, fried dough sticks, biscuits, fast food noodles, etc., while seafood and frozen fish, squid, shrimp and other salty sea products are easy to stimulate inflammation, this kind of food is best not to eat.


Actively participate in physical exercise, enhance resistance, enhance physical fitness, improve the body's ability to adapt to adverse conditions, such as cold bath or cold water face, morning running, etc., improve the body's tolerance to cold, and actively treat upper respiratory tract diseases and other chronic diseases of the whole body.


In daily life, you should also pay attention to keeping warm: you can put the pillow slightly higher than the head and shoulders when you sleep. Pay attention to the temperature of the sleeping room to be moderate, rather hot, not too cold. When you sleep, you should pay attention to keeping your body warm, especially your feet warm. When you get up in the morning, you should add clothes, and after getting up, you can wash the warm towel gently cover your mouth and nose and breathe for a few minutes. Get up in the morning to brush your teeth and wash your face with warm water. After showering or shampooing, wipe your body and blow dry your hair as soon as possible, and put on your clothes immediately. If you go out or ride a bicycle or bicycle in the cold morning, you can wear a mask to keep your mouth and nose warm and moist and reduce the stimulation of dry cold air.

Matters needing attention

Patients check and exercise, it is best to eat the secret recipe of Baitongtang diet therapy, from the fundamental conditioning of the body, better cure rhinitis.