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Cerebral palsy boy listen to his uncle sing cooking What is the name of this TV drama

2018-05-03 03:12:38

Adoptive Mother in the Mood for Love. "Adoptive Mother in the Mood for Love" is a family emotional ethics drama produced by Mobo Film and Television Media Co., LTD., directed by Du Jun and starring Wang Yajie and Wang Ting. "Boy with Cerebral palsy listens to his Uncle sing Cooking" In episode 54, Stone misses Lin Qiuwen, Wang takes Stone to the back kitchen to sing "Singing and Smiling" to him, Stone suddenly turns on the stove and starts cooking, Wang is stunned. After he fried the dish, Wang will taste the dish skeptically, and found that it was very delicious. Wang asked stone when to learn to cook, stone told him to see him and Lin Qiuwen cooking learned. Synopsis: In 1975, announcer Lin Qiuwen (Wang Yajie) accidentally adopts an orphan Dunzi on the eve of her wedding, and her fate changes accordingly, not only falling from announcer to canteen worker, but also breaking up with her fiance Shi Yunsheng (Li Chao). Qinggong king to Lin Qiuwen full of love but ashamed to confess, beat injustice wounded Shi Yunsheng convicted of prison. Do Dong aid dynasty (Wang Ting is acted the role of) integrity, bold pursuit of Lin Qiuwen, two people finally combined. Dunzi picked up abandoned little stone, stone suffering from mental disability no one adopted, Lin Qiuwen can not bear to adopt a child again. After Lin Qiuwen pregnant waiting for childbirth, only to find missing dunzi, unfortunately abortion leads to lifelong infertility. Lin Qiuwen feel ashamed of Dong Yuan dynasty, so insisted on divorce. Niece flower girl because of the death of relatives also became an orphan, she will a person with Dunzi, stone, flower girl three children began a hard life. Time flies, Lin Qiuwen from a young girl gradually into the vicissitudes of the mother, she with warm and deep maternal love, with a persistent sense of responsibility, with a woman's unique toughness and responsibility, for the whole family to hold up a happy sky. People to the middle age Lin Qiuwen also finally ushered in her mood for love.