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Blackhead removal skin care product

2018-04-23 06:24:26

As a girl with mixed oil skin, the blackhead acne on the nose is said to risk......


Saline solution


First of all, go to the kitchen to take a spoonful of salt into the small bowl that is usually used to make a mask, and add a little bit to it after blue, a little bit to the bottom of the bowl.


The few pieces of cotton wool we commonly use after the blue, the thin kind, each half cut (the whole sheet is too big), and soak in salt water after the blue.


Then apply the soaked cotton pad to your nose, around your mouth, and under your chin (where blackheads are common). Stick it on for two minutes and you can take it off, then rub the salt particles that remain on your face, then wash your face, and finally pat some toner on your face, and the blackhead acne will disappear.